Where can I get information on block grants?
In an effort to remain a smart, vibrant community, the City of Fishers is constantly working to identify areas for improvement and seeking out solutions to address those areas. This spring, with the help of Community Development Block Grants totaling in $385,000 Fishers DPW will aggressively address gaining infrastructure in The Pines, Roxbury and Sunblest Neighborhoods.

In the Orchard at Sunblest neighbhorhood and areas around Roy G. Holland Memorial Park, Sunblest Countryview and Sunblest Farms, $190,000 has been allocated to remove and replace approximately 650 non-ADA compliant sidewalk trip hazards.

Major infrastructure rehabilitation is planned for The Pines and Roxbory neighborhoods near the northeast corner of 96th Street and Allisonville Road. The $195,000 project will include asphalt resurfacing of all public streets within the neighborhoods, as well as the replacement of 1,174 linear feet of curb. There will be an additional focus on rehabilitating existing sidewalks; bringing them into ADA compliance by constructing ADA curb ramps with detectable traction as well as the removal and replacement of approximately 175 non-ADA compliant sidewalk panels.

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2. Where can I get information on block grants?