Ice Covered Water

Winter Safety Tips for Your Neighborhood Pond

Keep Off the Ponds

  • Assume that although the ice may appear to be safe to stand on, it probably isn't.
  • The construction of the bottom of a typical neighborhood pond makes it difficult or impossible to climb out of deep water in warm weather, let alone when there is ice on top of the water.
  • If you live near a pond, don't allow children to walk on the ice.
  • Dogs are also at risk for falling through ice. Take steps to prevent your dog from wandering onto a frozen pond.
  • If they don't take your advice, call the police.

If Someone Falls Through the Ice

  • Do NOT go on the ice to rescue them. You will, most likely, become another person that needs rescued.
  • Call 911 immediately to get help on the way.
  • Try to reach to the victim from the shore using a pole, stick or other reaching device
  • Try to throw a rope to the victim to pull them out, or at least give them something to hang onto.

If You Live Next to a Pond

  • Keep some rescue items nearby in case you have to try and make a rescue
  • You don't have to have professional rescue tools. Even a rake or a rope with a milk jug tied to the end can make a good makeshift rescue device in an emergency.