Allisonville Road Corridor Study

The Allisonville Road Corridor Study will examine roadway character, adjacent land uses, bicycle and pedestrian amenities, and other elements that together define this important corridor between 106th and 126th streets. The goal is to ensure that the corridor remains a contributing commercial destination that neighboring residents are proud of and that reflects the current vision of the city.  Objectives of the plan include:

  1. Establish an identity for the corridor.
  2. Define desired development characteristics for adjacent uses.
  3. Promote development and reinvestment in vacant and underutilized properties.
  4. Identify strategic city investments to support corridor redevelopment.
  5. Improve walkability between the commercial district, surrounding neighborhoods, Nickel Plate Trail, Roy G. Holland Memorial Park, and the White River.
  6. Support existing residential areas within and adjacent to the corridor to ensure their continued desirability as successful neighborhoods.

The planning process will include an analysis of existing corridor conditions, recommended right-of-way improvements to best support the future land use mix and community character objectives while maintaining a safe and efficient transportation system, and land use and character recommendations should properties be redeveloped in the future. 

The process is envisioned to last 6 months and is being guided by a project steering committee comprised of elected and appointed officials, nearby residents, business owners, and other community leaders. Community input and engagement will be critical to ensure plan outcomes reflect the desires of nearby residents, business and property owners, and the broader Fishers community. Both in-person and online input opportunities will be offered, and all are encouraged to participate.

Allisonville Road Corridor Plan map