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Educational Services and Tour Requests

  1. Please use this form when scheduling with the Fire Department, including visits to the fire house and educational classes.

    Mondays are the easiest days for us to schedule, due to a heavy training schedule the rest of the week. If it is possible to schedule your visit on a Monday, confirming your request is generally quicker and easier for us.

    Requests must be made two weeks in advance.

    We do not currently attend festivals, block parties or celebrations.

  2. Please be sure to include your area code.

  3. Be sure to include your area code.

  4. Submit at least two weeks prior to your event! If you are unsure of the date, or wish to be flexible, please enter your first choice or an approximate date, then explain below.

  5. Please indicate if you are affiliated with one of the groups below

  6. Age Group of Primary Attendees

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